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The next XVG? Microcap 100x potential actually supported by fundamentals!

What’s up team? I have a hot one for you. XVG returned 12 million percent in 2017 and this one reminds me a lot of it. Here’s why:
Mimblewimble is like Blu-Ray compared to CD-ROM in terms of its ability to compress data on a blockchain. The current BTC chain is 277gb and its capacity is limited because every time you spend a coin, each node needs to validate its history back to when it was mined (this is how double spending is prevented). Mimblewimble is different - all transactions in a block are aggregated and netted out in one giant CoinJoin, and only the current spending needs to be verified. This means that dramatically more transactions can fit into a smaller space, increasing throughput and lowering fees while still retaining the full proof of work game theory of Bitcoin. These blockchains are small enough to run a full node on a cheap smartphone, which enhances the decentralization and censorship resistance of the network.
The biggest benefit, though, is that all transactions are private - the blockchain doesn’t reveal amounts or addresses except to the actual wallet owner. Unlike earlier decoy-based approaches that bloat the chain and can still be data mined (XMR), Mimblewimble leaves no trace in the blockchain, instead storing only the present state of coin ownership.
The first two Mimblewimble coins, Grin and Beam, launched to great fanfare in 2019, quickly reaching over $100m in market cap (since settled down to $22m and $26m respectively). They are good projects but grin has infinite supply and huge never-decreasing emission, and Beam is a corporate moneygrab whose founding investors are counting on you buying for their ROI.
ZEC is valued at $568m today, despite the facts that only 1% of transactions are actually shielded, it has a trusted setup, and generating a confidential transaction takes ~60 seconds on a powerful PC. XMR is a great project but it’s valued at $1.2b (so no 100x) and it uses CryptoNote, which is 2014 tech that relies on a decoy-based approach that could be vulnerable to more powerful computers in the future. Mimblewimble is just a better way to approach privacy because there is simply no data recorded in the blockchain for companies to surveil.
Privacy is not just for darknet markets, porn, money launderers and terrorists. In many countries it’s dangerous to be wealthy, and there are all kinds of problems with having your spending data be out there publicly and permanently for all to see. Namely, companies like Amazon are patenting approaches to identify people with their crypto addresses, “for law enforcement” but also so that, just like credit cards, your spending data can be used to target ads. (A) Coinbase is selling user data to the DEA, IRS, FBI, Secret Service, and who knows who else? (B) What about insurance companies raising your premiums or canceling your policy because they see you buying (legal) cannabis? If your business operates using transparent cryptocurrency, competitors can data mine your customer and supply chain data, and employees can see how much everyone else gets paid. I could go on, but the idea of “I have nothing to hide, so what do I care about privacy?” will increasingly ring hollow as people realize that this money printing will have to be paid by massive tax increases AND that those taxes will be directly debited from their “Central Bank Digital Currency” wallets.
100% privacy for all transactions also eliminates one HUGE problem that people aren’t aware of yet, but they will be: fungibility. Fungibility means that each coin is indistinguishable from any other, just like paper cash. Why is this important? Because of the ever-expanding reach of AML/KYC/KYT (Anti-Money Laundering / Know Your Customer / Know Your Transaction) as regulators cramp down on crypto and banks take over, increasingly coins become “tainted” in various ways. For example, if you withdraw coins to a mixing service like Wasabi or Samourai, you may find your account blocked. (C) The next obvious step is that if you receive coins that these chainalysis services don’t like for whatever reason, you will be completely innocent yet forced to prove that you didn’t know that the coins you bought were up to no good in a past life. 3 days ago, $100k of USDC was frozen. (D) Even smaller coins like LTC now have this problem, because “Chinese Drug Kingpins” used them. (E) I believe that censorable money that can be blocked/frozen isn’t really “your money”.
Epic Cash is a 100% volunteer community project (like XVG and XMR) that had a fair launch in September last year with no ICO and no premine. There are very few projects like this, and it’s a key ingredient in Verge’s success (still at $110m market cap today despite being down 97% since the bubble peak) and why it’s still around. It has a small but super passionate community of “Freemen” who are united by a belief in the sound money economics of Bitcoin Standard emission (21m supply limit and ever-decreasing inflation) and the importance of privacy.
I am super bullish on this coin for the following reasons:
Because it doesn’t have a huge marketing budget in a sea of VC-funded shitcoins, it is as-yet undiscovered, which is why it’s so cheap. There are only 4 Mimblewimble-based currencies on the market: MWC at $162m, BEAM at $26m, GRIN at $22m, and EPIC at $0.4m. This is not financial advice and as always, do your own research, but I’ve been buying this gem for months and will continue to.
This one ticks all the boxes for me, the only real problem is that it’s hard to buy much without causing a huge green candle. Alt season is coming, and coins like this are how your neighbor Chad got his Lambo back in 2017. For 2021, McLaren is a better choice and be sure to pay cash so that it doesn’t get repossessed like Chad!
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Round up of Cryptocurrency News #2 Week 13/07 - 19/07

Round up of Cryptocurrency News #2 Week 13/07 - 19/07
So much has happened this week! We saw a capitulation point of bitcoin before bears took over and we saw the selling pressure push Bitcoin down toward the $9000USD mark then move back up above $9100USD So far it has been a stable hold, however we may see some more action within the coming weeks.
Widespread scamming within the Twitter-sphere, Youtube and other platforms as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies may seem like fair game. Cryptocurrencies providing big payouts for scammers without the ability for reversals of accounts. Remember if something seems too good to be true, do some research or just plain do not respond/believe it. Stay safe and careful with your funds!
On the brightside, there has been even more adoption of cryptocurrencies as rumours of Paypal utilising cryptocurrency has been confirmed as they are developing crypto capabilities. In addition to this we received exciting news at the start of this week about Binance partnering with Swipe (SXP) and offering a debit card to spend BNB, SXP, BTC and BUSD. ( I will be keeping a swift eye on BNB and Swipe as its utilisation as tokens has just increased 43 fold).
Positive news for the Bitcoin network as its hashrate reaches all time high which helps to secure the network further even though mining profits have dropped by 50% from the recent halving. If you didn't know already the last Bitcoin will be expected to be mined in 2140 with its difficulty ever increasing and each time securing the network further. Processing units will have to become faster, stronger and most importantly more cost effective to continue to entice miners for the block rewards and further renewable energy practices.
Furthermore we can see Central banks and countries discussing and developing Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC). Read more about it here and check out some of the developments in the world above. This shows the popularity and strong nature of cryptocurrencies. As the saying goes "If you cant beat them, JOIN them".
Overall, very solid week full of adoption, animation and anticipation. Another post next week for a weekly round up! See you then but in the mean time join us at our Gravychain Discord.
- DISCORD LINK: 🍕 Bring some virtual pizza to share 🍕
Come have a chat, stimulate a discussion, ask a question or share some knowledge. We are all friendly crypto enthusiasts up for a chat, supportive and want to help each other with knowledge and investments!
Big thanks to our Telegram and My Crypto HQ for the constant news updates! - The Gravychain Collective: - My Crypto HQ:

Special Mentions:
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A posting on Telegram: Understanding F(x) and the options presented

From a post by Karim on Telegram Group. 👍👍
Guys, I have compiled the relevant posts from this telegram group into one document. I thank all the people who contributed to the content.
In short, NPXS/NPXSNEM is Pundi X and will always be Pundi X that currently is running as an ERC-20 Token (meaning it is running (compatible) on the Ethereum/NEM Blockchain. It soles purpose is for payment, be it purchasing ADs on the XPOS receipts, transfer fees, purchasing XPOS systems and XPASS cards, developers fees via the XPOS retail systems).
F(x) is a new blockchain, period. It was designed to be open source and 100% decentralized and will be compatible to many other blockchains (Bitcoin, XLM, etc). Meaning is will be the New Backbone that all XPOS systems and XPHONE will run on and NPXS (though it may change it's name to NPXS-Fx) it is only a name change and it's purpose will not change except it will run on F(x) moving forward. It also means that Pundi X will over time have less influence on it (F(x)) just like Bitcoin and Ethereum which are a community coin and not owned by one person/company. It will be mine-able just like Bitcoin with a Finite supply.... In 15 years all the coins available will be mined. TGE shows 378.6 million (rounding) at 20% total supply so as have others stated the max supply will be about 1.893 billion available. With no more every being made. Thus scarce-ability over time as the rest of them (the other 80%) can only be mined. So as time goes on the F(x) coin should gain in value but since I am not an financial advisor I have no idea of it's potential 15+ years from now, depends on acceptance (I do see it as possible being the blockchain to use for all POS systems in the future since it already accepts most fiat currencies also including Samsung and Apple pay)... Bitcoin Max supply is only 21 million but will be mine-able until 2140 (some of us, unless technology in health takes over will be long dead by then).
NPXS has a total of 274 billion max supply and 166 billion is circulating. Now NPXS should also become more valuable over time due to that everytime it is used by a XPOS system/taking payment or paying fees etc, those coins are burned, never to come back... EVER. So the circulating supply will decrease over time thus making them more valuable also... As long as Pundi X does there jobs in instituting their proposed Whitepaper in getting more and more XPOS nodes out there.
XPHONE - they are only making 1000 of these phones and are hoping a larger established phone company/carrier will pick up the license and make the phones themselves... which will also give Pundi X licensing revenue.
As Always do your own due diligence, but to me and only me. I Shall hold onto my NPXS, stake it for the free 3%/15%, however you slice it, in F(x) coins. Per Zac's last AMA, I will for the 90 days they offer the NPXS-to-F(x) swap at a 1:1-600/700 coins a day you could get depending on how many people actually convert their coins EACH day.
I believe this company has the goods and is worth it because they have product, are selling it and not doing a ICO for the new coin (nor do they want to be F(x), just supplying a newer and better blockchain for the world (developers to use) which just happen to be the blockchain that XPOS and XPHONE will run atop of. How you take it all this in is up to you. Hope that helps those that are confused.
The total supply of fx is 1.893.022.500 coin. And we get 65% of TGE, it means we will get 13% of the total supply of Fx coin converted. Previous proposal was 15% (700m) of total 4.9b supply and now it is 13% (246m) both combined converted)) of total supply of 1.89b, which is a better deal then the previous proposal. Even a greater chance for it to be near top 10. There are three options available.
Option 1: Do not stake and do not convert. No actions needed until token swap occurs later in the year, at a 1:1 ratio, when the tokens have to be sent to X-wallet. Exchanges like Binance May support the token swap.
Option 2: Stake but not convert. Transfer NPXS/NPXSXEM to XWallet and start staking. You will get the monthly unlocked tokens as well as F(x).
Option 3: Stake and convert. Transfer NPXS/NPXSXEM and start staking and then converting. The holders can decide the amount of the staking and converting.
Staking is locking your tokens up for one year on the XWallet to receive the 15% from the tge. Converting is switching over your tokens for fx coins when that is offered.
conversion 3 months, staking 1 year
Reminder; Xpos is still needed for the infrastructure of fx (node) so that will be a priority.
Test net is Q2! And main is Q3
March 10 staking will start and go on for a year. Conversion will start April or May and go on for 3 months
Npxs will continue to have to monthly unlocked tokens until 2021 You will still continue to receive the unlocked tokens, when the fx mainnet is launched, you will need to store them on the XWallet in order to join the new network with your npxs tokens
Stake but not convert option: you get 18 f(X) per year for staking 100k NPXS
Details about how the NPXS to NPXSFX swap will be done will be announced at a later time
Guys you need to watch the AMA video. The conversion is explained in the video, and it’s not linear. It varies from day to day depending on the number of NPXS/NPXSNEM tokens being offered up for the swap on a given day. With a cap of 1f(x) to 500 NPXS for the first 30 days, 1:600 for 31 to 60 days and 1:700 for 61-90 days
RULES; Both fx pots vary percentages of fx coin drops, due to the number of users participating. Currently supported only on the Xwallet & the Web wallet TBD.
Staking = 15% of total TGE & still your 2.11% npxs drops until 2020. Starts 10th March.
Converting = 45% of total TGE, Within 3 months, starts April/May TBD.
All converted percentages are equally removed from the npxs total supply, forever.
After the f(x) mainnet is launched, all remaining NPXS/NPXSXEM holders will be offered a 1:1 token swap for NPXS-FX/NPXSXEM-FX tokens and continue receiving monthly unlocked tokens.
How many tokens are allocated for the conversion? A total amount of 170,372,036 f(x) Tokens will be available to qualified NPXS/NPXSXEM holders to convert their NPXS/NPXSXEM to f(x) Tokens in a period of 90 days.
The conversion is not linear. It varies from day to day depending on the number of NPXS/NPXSNEM tokens being offered up for the swap on a given day.
With a bottom of;
Once you start staking the f(x) token, you will continue to receive this for the remainder of the year. However you forfeit you 2.11% Airdrop of NPXS, once you swap you swap them out.
To convert is going from NPXS or NPXS/XEM to f(x) To swap is going from NPXS to NPXSfx
TERMS: Both fx pots vary percentages of fx coin drops, due to the number of users participating. Currently supported only on the Xwallet & the Web wallet TBD.
Staking = 15% of total TGE & still your 2.11% npxs/npxsnem drops until 2020. Starts 10th March.
Converting = 45% of total TGE, Within 3 months, starts April/May TBD.
Option 1: Do not stake and do not convert. No actions needed till Q3. Swapped later to mainnet for 1:1 exact for npxsfx/npxsnemfx (not fx coin, difference).
Option 2: Stake (within Xwallet) but not convert. Transfer npxs/npxsnem to XWallet and start staking.
Option 3: Stake and convert. Transfer npxs/npxsnem and start staking and then converting. The holders can decide the amount of the staking and converting.
Option 4: Use already converted FX coins to stake more FX coins. FX coins are not entitled to the normal drops of 2.11% monthly npxs/npxsxem after conversion.
Note; All converted FX percentages are equally removed from the npxs/npxsnem total supply, forever.
Staking requires npxs/npxsnem/fx. You can stop or withdraw from program anytime.
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Crypto AM News Recap You Need to Read: Cryptocurrencies off lows, Dash to roll a 'first’ for the crypto industry

Crypto Market Recap

Crypto Developments in Financial Services

Crypto Regulatory Enviornment

General Crypto News

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Binance Exchange Tutorial 2020: How To BUY And SELL ... BITCOIN E ALTCOIN ... DIVENTARE RICCHI VELOCEMENTE how to open Binance exchange to buy bitcoin&cryptocurrency ... Buying bitcoin: Binance or Coinbase?  Bitcoin Basics (86 ... Binance trade bot up to 40% profit per day with automated Trading Bot 2020 how to open Binance account to buy bitcoin or crypto - YouTube BITCOIN Ruhe vor dem STURM? Binance will CoinMarketCap kaufen! Zu viel Macht? Krypto News Deutsch Bitcoin Q&A: Mining incentives after 2140 Comment acheter facilement des Bitcoin ! TUTO BINANCE 2020 ...

Binance Coin $ 29.48 1.05%. Polkadot $ 4.50 1.01%. Litecoin $ 62.65 0.33%. Cardano $ 0.109014 0.46%. Alle Kurse. Anno 2140 Was passiert, wenn der letzte Bitcoin (BTC) gemint ist? Startseite ; Aktuelle Artikel im Überblick; Insights; Anno 2140: Was passiert, wenn der letzte Bitcoin gemint wurde? von David Scheider. Am 9. Juni 2020 9. Juni 2020 · Lesezeit: 5 Minuten. David Scheider ... Binance-coldwallet Bitcoin Wallet with balance chart. 0.504% of all coins: Received: count: 971. first: 2017-12-08 07:51:10 UTC. last: "Bitcoin isn't a get rich quick scheme, it's a don't get poor slowly scheme." Jameson Lopp, Co-founder & CTO @CasaHODL. In the last six months, since the first signs of the upcoming COVID-19 crisis, gold was steadily growing in price while Bitcoin experienced a few shakeouts. Over this period, the gold price surged by 25%, while BTC price grew just under 14%. Keep in mind, both gold and ... Notably, there are 2.5 million Bitcoins to be mined before the exercise is closed by 2140, but of key importance is the fact that half of that part of Bitcoin supply will be mined by May 07, 2024. Bitcoins Geldmenge ist auf 21 Millionen Stück begrenzt æ eines Tages wird der letzte Coin in Umlauf gebracht sein. Dem algorithmischen Geldmengenwachstum zufolge dürfte das im Jahr 2140 der Fall sein. Was passiert, wenn der letzte Coin gemint ist? Wer Bitcoin verschickt und sich dabei an die Netzwerkregeln hält, darf… Assuming hyperbitcoinization occurs by 2140, $100 dollars of BTC at today’s current price of $8880, would be 0.01126 in Satoshis. These same Satoshis could have a projected value of $238,373.77 by the time the last Bitcoin is mined in 2140. How much do you think 1 BTC will be worth in 2140? Let us know in the comments!

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Binance Exchange Tutorial 2020: How To BUY And SELL ...

crypto trading bot, cryptocurrency trading bot, cryptocurrency trading bots, crypto currency trading bot, crypto trading, cryptocurrency trading, bitcoin trading bot, altcoin trading bot, daytrade ... What happens to Bitcoin after 2140? Will bitcoin transactions work? How will miners be incentivised without the block subsidy? What role do futures markets play? These questions are from the ... Bitcoin (BTC) Update! Blick auf die Charts und die News des Tages! 💰 $90 Bonus bei ByBit sichern: how to open Binance account to buy bitcoin or crypto binance link: buy crypto and bitcoin by binance excha... 🎁🎁 JOURNAL DE TRADING OFFERT ️ 🎁 FORMATION GRATUITE : ️ Rejoindre ... Buy Bitcoin on: Should I buy bitcoin on Coinbase or Binance? A comprehensive, pragmatic & be... how to open Binance exchange to buy bitcoin #cryptotradingexchange #binance # howtoopen Binance link: buyi... Binance exchange tutorial. How to buy and sell Bitcoin and crypto.💰 BINANCE 10% OFF FEES🔥 WEALTH MASTERY https://cryptol... #criptovalute #accriptovalute #bitcoin come funziona #btc #altcoin #binance #investire #guadagnare #il bitcoin Il BITCOIN e le ALTCOIN sono uno strimento per...